An Easy No-Barrier Way to Stop Household Sheeps (and Goats) from Eating Your Household/ Garden Plants (It works)

Thursday, August 25, 2016

It still is the raining season here in Nigeria. A great time indeed to sow those seeds and watch them grow. Gardening can be so much fun. I personally love watching things grow, but my boys (sheep) keep ripping and eating my plants and flowers.

sheep poop on paw-paw plant
Not until we accidentally discovered the solution; Sheep and goat poop!!! That's it! Weird huh? Our accidental discovery happened while we were "harvesting" fresh baa berries (sheep poop) to use as manure for the paw-paw nursery.
baa berries fancy word definition by meenahxoxo
It just so turns out that sheep do not like to eat poop (literally). So technically, if they perceive poop in their food, they wouldn't eat it. This is the point I am trying to make basically lol :)

Steps to protect your plants/garden from sheep and goat intruders

Here is how you can sheep or goat proof your garden  in 2 easy steps :)

STEP 1: Locate some baa berries (could be goat or sheep poop)
sheep poop (baa berries)
The fresher, the stinker  
STEP 2: Transfer the baa berries to the plant(s) you intend to protect. First pour the baa berries over the plant (this will ensure that the poop stink adheres to the leaves). Then, proceed to encircle the plant with more baa berries
Let's get to work mate!

Dumping the dump :)

Now let's experiment:
"Ye shall pass over when ye smell the stink"
*sniff* *sniff* pass over this one

Points to note:

1. You have to try to retain the stink as much as possible by re-adding poop from time to time ( you have absolutely nothing to lose, it's MANURE :))

2. Do not attempt to use cow dung over the leaves... well if you can handle the mess, go ahead.


How do you keep those four legs off your plants/garden? I'm all ears :)

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