12 Wishes on the 12th of October

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

12 wishes on the 12th of October
It's my birthday!!! Damn I'm getting too old. Too old to chase butterflies... we were too old to run around in our underwear, now we are just too old to do the things we never had the chance to do. Time flies and it doesn't even wait for us to grow some wings...just so we could fly along. 

I decided to create a list of things i'd love to accomplish before my next 12th of October.
Most of it is self development, others aren't. In no particular order I present to you my 12 wishes on the 12th of October:

1. Spirituality: As much as I want to be a better person, the foundation for me is religion. 
Pray on time, consistently fast Mondays and
Thursday, memorize the Qur'an, give zakat... be a better person

2. Learn a new language: I have never been really good with learning languages, but I want to try my hands on Arabic this time 

3. Procrastination!!! I'm a procrastinator, can I seriously work on this?

4. Empower someone/some people. Isn't this what we live for?

5. Travel. Go some place new, different and amazing. Experience new cultures and meet new people. Maybe the Caribbean?

6. Participate in an animal rescue mission. The elephants in Kenya? The crocs? A massive neuter programme in small animals or returning sea turtles to the sea? Which one?

7. Be more active in my social media? Why is this even on my list *sigh* (Oh, you can now Follow my blog with Bloglovin)

8. Fitness. I love fitness but I'm very inconsistent. 3 days I'm jogging, 3 weeks I'm off. I get a workout equipment, I use it 1 week and it's until further notice. (Better get those abs meenah, better get those abs) :p

9. Learn a new skill. Will this be the year that I learn to crochet or play basketball? #5feettooshort

10.  Enrol for a sort of school. 

11. Go on an unplanned adventure.

12. Marry :|

I hardly ever talk about marriage (Zee are you reading this?) and I never dream of a perfect wedding. What colour clothes to wear, what the wedding theme should be or that and that. Sorry but not sorry. Marriage is important but I don't like it being thrown in my face. And I don't like that people attribute certain things to women as it relates to marriage. Excuse my feminism. Yes, women are home builders but if men are/were raised, trained and nurtured to build better marriages as are women in our society, there will be less broken homes and the world will be a better place. Don't get me wrong here, marriage is a beautiful thing but if you have to do somethings just to "please" your future significant other, make sure they are the things you love and enjoy or the things that make you a better you (grandma, will you ever get to read this?). Don't do things that are out of your comfort zone only to find out the hard way that they were never worth the beans.

12 Things I'd Love to Have Before my Next 12th of October

1. Whooping ass Camera
2. Ankle boots
3. A high-end device. maybe the latest Ipad, note or a fine ass car (if I wasn't so broke lol)
4. A new furry friend. I miss having cats. I'm thinking of an exotic short-hair or a persian. Or a Sphinx (OMG I have always wanted one)
5. A pony. I love horses but I have never been so lucky to keep to one :(
6. Ha! How can I forget? New frames for my glasses.
I guess I'd have to think the rest of the list as time progresses.

Hello October :) It's always nice to meet you... again.

What are some of your wishes on the --- day of your birth month? Fill me in.

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  1. Hi Meena! Thank you for your comment on my blog, it was sweet. I've got a subscribe by email pop up now so maybe you could subscribe that way? If you also view my blog using the web version then you'll see other methods of subscribing. I'm still working on my mobile site sigh.

    Happy birthday in arrears to you! Love your list, very similar to most of my goals for this year. Learning a new language is really cool, I'm currently improving my French. And I totally agree with you on the marriage thing. Great post! xx


    1. Merci Demi, French is certainly a language to be learned... I'm heading over to your blog to subscribe now :)

  2. I second the whooping camera. Hope you get all you desire for your birthday



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