About me

I should probably tell you that I'm a super human and I'm trying to save the worldπŸ’ŸπŸ˜... but I won't! I'm just the lady in the corner; quiet, observant... Sometimes most times I wear a smile, other times I keep a straight face. A lot runs through my wanderlust head and I cluster my thoughts with sweet lemons and butter. Sometimes I throw in a few light bulbs and it sparks a crazy unrealistic idea...

I'm purely an animal lover, when I was younger I used to cry over dead ants. You think that's weird? What if I told you I tried to fix a few fractured limbs -ant limbs that is 😊... A few years later, she is a veterinarian.

I love poetry, arts and crafts... I love the smell of rain as it hits the sand, I love nature, I love the seas, I love water... I love sleeping a few minutes more, I love the twilight (not the movie), I love cartoons... I love the little things...

So who is meenahxoxo? You should get to know meπŸ˜‡

Email: admin@meenahxoxo.com
Instagram: meenahxoxo
Twitter: meenahxoxo

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